About Us

Career Development Services was established in 1992 by Eleanor Murphy, one of Ireland’s leading practitioners in the area of career development.

Together with Marie-Therese Cogan, and other specialised associates, Career Development Services works for individual clients and the corporate sector alike, offering the deeply client-centric approach that is embedded in our motto “We are all about People”.

Our specialists are eminently qualified in Occupational Psychology, Career Coaching, Training and Development, Work Place Stress, Psychometric Testing and Human Resources.

In an employment and career environment which has changed beyond recognition in the last five years, our expertise has never been more relevant – or in greater demand.

All our products are scientifically validated and are responsive to the ever-changing needs of the business world.   We apply the guidelines on the use of occupational tests adopted by the International Test Commission and the British Psychological Society.  Our reputation is built upon our personalised approach in adapting to the individual needs of our clients.

We are proud to retain many highly satisfied customers who enjoy the added value that we provide in maximising each company’s greatest resource- its people.

So if you’re an Individual in need of assistance to find the job that is right for you – or to embark on a complete change in direction in your career – we have the expertise to put you on the path to success.

And for Employers who must be more careful than ever in the staff selections they make – whether for new jobs or for promotions – our skill set ensures that you have the information on which to base winning decisions.


Our Guarantee of Assurance

We have an enviable track record of satisfied clients who have sought our assistance for over 20 years.

Many individuals  whom we have helped are still employed by the same businesses and are extremely happy with the positions and career progressions they have experienced as a result of the work we have done with them.

Likewise, we build firm relationships with employers who engage our services as part of their recruitment or organisational development process.  Many staff members whom they have selected with our assistance are happily employed by the same businesses.

What our clients say about us prove our capability and underpin our success rate in having people being referred to us.  Our reputation is built on our high ethical standards and professional consistency, our personalised approach, flexibility and the empathy that we bring to each individual assignment.

The process and the tools we use in CDS to optimise the match between job and person is unique and optimise the match between the job and the person.  The psychometric tools we use do not just produce generic information or reports.  The reports, confirmed by individual feedback, are individualised and have the capability to evaluate the job-person match both visually and verbally.

The tools we use are the most robust in the industry scientifically proven and approved by EFTA, (European Federation of Psychologists Associations), BPS (British Psychological Association), ITC (International Test Commission) and other relevant bodies to help you make the right decision.