Recruitment & Selection


An organisation was experiencing difficulty in recruiting and selecting a new manager. Two previous managers had left within months of starting, both reporting that the job ‘was not for them’. The experience had cost the organisation time, money, and poor staff morale.

Our Intervention

CDS was approached to assist them to recruit and select the ‘right’ person this time. Firstly, the role of manager was explored – not just the day to day duties but the ‘type’ of person they were looking for. Using the profiling system, a job questionnaire was completed and this resulted in a job profile, which highlighted the most important behavioural characteristics needed for the job.

Additionally, it was felt that the successful candidate needed to possess a strong level of problem solving ability, someone who could turn challenges into opportunities. A comprehensive job description, person specification and recruitment advertisement were produced.

The applications received were narrowed down to five potential candidates. These five were invited by email to complete a personal questionnaire. This resulted in a personal profile for each of the five candidates and allowed a matching exercise with the job profile that had been created earlier. Each candidate was also invited to complete the Master Competence Analysis which measures a person’s level of problem solving ability.


The information gathered allowed the organisation to gain an excellent insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each of the five candidates and this allowed for more structured questions to be asked at the interview stage.

Following the interviews, the candidate that appeared to match the job role most closely was offered the position. The organisation is delighted with their new manager and has now incorporated profiling through CDS, not just for recruitment and selection but also in other areas such as personnel development and team building.