What Clients Say

Eleanor is very nice and professional.   I very much appreciate her training and the sharing of her valuable experience.

Jianying Xu


Very smooth and useful services.  My consultant, Eleanor, was very helpful, full of great advice and helped me to gain confidence for the key moments I had.

S Borri


Every meeting with Eleanor was fabulous.  I enjoyed it.

After just one interview, I was successful in getting a job.  Thank you.

Madita Feldberger


Before I met Eleanor, I felt lethargic in my career, a paralysis whereby I could not focus or see the wood from the trees.  I felt trapped in the job role.  Everything was closing in on me.

Through Eleanor’s expertise I have become reacquainted with my skill set.   She lifted my spirits, gave me clarity and the stepping stones to move onwards.  She has taken a weight off my shoulders.  Now I am ready to act and I feel so much more positive and confident.

Bernadette Boylan


“To say that I value the input into defining my services in the way that they have evolved and have been interpreted is to say very little.  Without Eleanor’s valued input I would never have realised my full potential.   I am very satisfied with the results of our collaboration and I have no doubt that anyone who is prepared to engage with you in an honest and positive fashion will achieve a similar result.”

Michael Morrissey


“While I was not happy with my career progression, had no job satisfaction and did not feel challenged, news of my redundancy was to say the least a shock after almost 9 years with the company. My confidence was at an all- time low.

After my first meeting with Eleanor from CDS, I came away feeling that I had more potential than I ever realised.  I found Eleanor very easy to talk to, she has a great talent for getting one to really think about what they do and have to offer, skills both professionally and personally.   She encouraged me to venture outside my comfort zone and to look at options that I never thought possible.  Now my confidence and self- worth have increased enormously.  I have chosen to follow a new career path  with new challenges and I am not afraid to put myself forward for any position.

I can honestly say that were it not for Eleanor I would never have realised my true potential.”

Julie Conway


“Just to say the CV you designed for me worked a dream.  It got me an interview for a job in the motor industry and I am now the Financial Accountant for one of the largest motor retailers in the country.  The people interviewing me made a point of commenting on how well my CV read and were very impressed with both the content and the layout.  Thanks again for all your expert help and guidance”

Peter Benie


“After the feedback with Eleanor, she helped me to realise what my main strengths are and directed me to a career in sales.  Without any doubt, I have found at last the career area that I feel most at home in.”

Anthony Murphy


After working with a company for over 22 years, I was made redundant. I felt very unprepared and very unsure what lay ahead. My company offered me career coaching through Eleanor Murphy.  After just a few sessions with her, all this changed, paving the way to securing a job – and the job I wanted.”

Brendan Morgan


“When I went through the assessments and got the results and the feedback, I was able to see the complete picture of myself in a simple way that allowed me to see all my attributes and what job best suited my personality and work style.”

Camila dos Santos Souza


“I brought my son, a transition year student, to see Eleanor as he was unclear as to which subjects to choose for his Leaving Certificate. With Eleanor’s help, he now has vision and clarity for his future; he is extremely happy with his subject choices.”

Dymphna Davis


“The ability to adapt a programme to my needs and work around my lifestyle was greatly appreciated. Her competence, responsiveness and empathy were excellent also and I really enjoyed my time with her.

Camilla Shah


“I was applying for a place on a very competitive course.  I was not confident and felt very nervous about the whole interview process. Now that I know what to expect, I am not afraid.  I know what the procedures are and how to present myself in a positive light.  I am aware of my strengths and I can see clearly where the skills that I had in my career can be transferred easily onto another my new chosen career path.”

Jennifer Griffin


“I was so impressed with the service that I then referred both of my sisters, my now husband and my cousin to Eleanor.  All are now working in areas identified by the process. I cannot recommend Eleanor and her service highly enough.”

Melanie Dodds


“As a mother of a teenage daughter who was seeking guidance for my daughter on where her natural talents and interests lie, I found the interactive feedback service Eleanor Murphy provided to her, my husband and I very accurate, insightful and no doubt will prove invaluable in the long run in helping her achieve her true and full potential.”

Niamh Cahill


“I found Eleanor to be a great listener and advisor.  Through her coaching, she helped me improve my self-confidence, know my strengths and how to deal with my weaknesses. I would recommend her to any person or manager who wants to reach their potential and build on their strengths.”

Pat Whelan


“With Eleanor’s expertise, my CV looks really impressive, as does the cover letter, highlighting the things that seemed insignificant to me. With Eleanor’s hard work, she has given my confidence a real boost, and made me realise I have more to offer than I thought. Sincerely, I thank her for that.

Ruth Scully