What Clients Say

“Eleanor has been instrumental in the expansion process of our organisation. From role/staff profiling to individual expectations/strengths and development of same, she has been crystal clear and thorough in her manner and approach. Eleanor is both personable and empathetic in the way she engages with organisations.”

Colette van Jaarsveld, Managing Director, Arcology Design Ltd.


“For the past five years I have worked closely with Eleanor Murphy,  commissioning services  including, individual  job and person profiling to maximise employee development,  provision of job and person profiling for purposes of staff recruitment, bespoke team-building workshops;

As a client I value Eleanor’s ethical approach to her work, her personal support and confidentiality.  She is focussed, efficient, skilled, knowledgeable and highly experienced. She also has a great sense of humour and brings a light touch to all her work. I very much enjoy and value working with Eleanor”.

 Catherine Rose, Chief Executive, Age & Opportunity.


“Eleanor Murphy of CDS Ireland has provided GC Technology with a very professional and valuable service over the last year. I would wholeheartedly recommend CDS Ireland to any business owner who needs assistance in ensuring that their staff are working to their true potential and enjoying what they do.”

John Coffey, Managing Director, GC Technology.


“Eleanor brings a mature, balanced approach in her role as mediator, and adapts well to her clients regardless of their respective positions within the company. She handles both conflict and sensitive issues with a huge level of sincerity and respect. What’s more, her willingness to accommodate us both in and out of office, on virtually any day of the week, should be commended.”

Helen Beckermann, HR Manager, VWGI.


“ Having worked with Eleanor Murphy for a number of years, Eleanor is a very thorough professional who demonstrates sincerity in her work and wholehearted support for the client.”

Jill Colquhoun


“We engaged Eleanor of Career Development Services to assist us in the choice of a candidate for a key role within our company. Eleanor forced us to go much deeper with our assessment of the qualities of the ‘perfect’ person, so when we started recruiting we had a better understanding of the personal traits we were looking for. Eleanor’s assistance in this process offered us peace of mind and reassurance that this new person should suit not only the role, but our organization too. We have already referred her on to another contact of ours.”

Brenda Jordan, Managing Director, Jordan Business Services.


“Using the MPA and the team tool has helped my own understanding of internal motivations and drives people have, mainly inside work but also outside work. It explores themes in a non-threatening way and thus allows practitioners penetrate with their clients the psychological underpinnings of their behaviour. Ultimately, on the journey of self-discovery that this process is, the Master Management system aids discovery and illuminates routes forward for increased work and life satisfaction.”

Patricia Murray, Psychologist.


“I found Eleanor very good for the issue we had to deal with, and brought about some positive change. The approach she has using the 360 review and job profiling was good and brought about the clarity that was needed. The tools that Master Management have in relation to job/role profiling and personnel strengths and weaknesses are really good.”

Stephen McDonnell Sales Manager, VWGI.


“CDS are problem solvers and work to ensure that they first understand your problems and then professionally resolve them. I found their approach professional, pragmatic and empathic to our needs. CDS’ relationship with us was total in that they were always available to us and always delivered on their commitments. I would have no problem recommending them to any prospective customer.”

Martin Reddington, Managing Director, Mayo News.