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Interview Technique Workshops

The purpose of an interview is to find the person who can do, will do and will fit the role you have to fill in your organization.  To be a fair and professional interviewer who remains objective in a subjective situation can be very daunting especially if you are an owner manager who does not have the luxury of a HR department.

It is still your function to probe into the candidates’ skills and achievements to ensure they are a match with your requirements.  But how many times have you chosen someone who appears to have the skills and abilities to do the job well but for some reason fall short of the mark when they are employed.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could dig deeper into a candidate’s profile during the interview and find out what makes that person ‘tick’ before you hire? With the help of CDS you can.


From our experience it comes down to two things;

1  An unstructured interview. Up to 75% of interviews are unstructured

2  Not asking the right questions in order to elicit the right information.

The consequences may be mis-match, or a quick turnover or  missing the right candidate.


That is why we in CDS have put together a model for you to follow when you are interviewing so that you can learn from us rather than from costly mistakes. Your interview technique is crucial to the results you obtain from recruitment interviews.

As an Interviewer you are responsible for the form the interview takes and for the benefits obtained.  Your tasks include obtaining the information you need while leaving the candidate with a positive and professional impression of you.

The objective of our interview technique workshop is to provide you with tools which will be of use to you in planning, formulating the best possible questions and carrying out an interview in a professional manner.

Our workshops can be in-house, or off site

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Team Building Workshops

Every team is made up of individuals each with different needs and motivation.  The greatest challenges for a team to work effectively are motivation, conflict and communication.  Our team development  workshops look at team composition, what makes an efficient team, recruiting to or developing an existing team, and exploring the characteristics of the efficient team.

Our sessions in CDS focus on:

Improving team motivation and the way your team members interact

Analysing team competencies and team roles that currently exist, understanding the strengths and challenges each person brings to the team

An insight into how these can be developed to assist your team in becoming an even more effective team

Stimulate reflection and discussion within your team with the aim of optimising cooperation trust and efficiency

Utilising the strengths of each individual, what motivates each person

The workshops highlight the benefits of a strong flexible working team which will assist  in improving  cooperation, better communication and reducing conflict potential thus increasing mutual feelings of responsibility and obligations between members.

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