Job Fit

Joe’s Story – Background

Joe was a valued member of staff, working in an account management function. His track record in building customer relationships had been acknowledged by promotion to New Accounts Manager.   Management sees him as being an excellent fit for the role, having the required qualifications and attributes.

Since his promotion however, he is falling well short of expectations.  He is less productive, is demotivated and showing signs of stress. Not only is he impeding his own performance, but also that of his colleagues. The company needs to act – but how?

Our Intervention

Career Development Services were approached by the company to evaluate Joe’s circumstances and plot possible ways forward.  This involved an initial consultation with management and a separate session with Joe to accurately interpret all the circumstances.  Job and Person Profiling was recommended as an initial start.

We discovered that the reasons for Joe’s behaviour were as follows:


The overall result of this exercise reassured Joe of his ability to do his job with some customised training intervention and one to one coaching for a six month period. He derived a higher degree of positivity from the objective profiling exercises almost right away which had a lasting impact on his performance.  The coaching reassured him and provided confidence in his own abilities