Our Team

Eleanor Murphy

Eleanor specialises in working with people and organisations to identify unique talents and apply them in the work place.

A  former teacher and a graduate of National University Ireland Galway and University College Cork, she has over 20 years experience of working with individuals, groups and businesses  successfully assisting people at all stages in their career trajectory from graduates to senior management.

Using a suite of proven validated analytical tools together with her professional experience and unique talent, she identifies each individual’s key strengths, enabling the business to maximise the collective potential of the organisation. This results in individuals being clear on what career paths are specifically suited to them and for businesses to increase turnover, productivity, motivation and profitability.

Eleanor is also a consultant with NetExpat and a partner of Master International, a pan European organisation which was established in Denmark in 1985.

She is supported by a team of specialists covering areas such as occupational psychology, workplace stress, psychometric and occupational testing and coaching.

Eleanor’s success is largely attributed to her very personalised approach.  This is underpinned by her empathetic listening style and genuine concern for each client, most of whom have repeatedly returned for further services.



Career Coaching, Organisational Career Management, Talent Development, Behaviour Assessments, Team Development, Competency Assessments.

Marie-Therese Cogan

Marie-Therese Cogan is a Social & Organisational Psychologist with over twenty years of practical experience within the field of adult education, training and career development.

She has worked with a wide variety of individuals and groups and with a diverse range of organisations spanning the public, private and community/voluntary sector.

She is a graduate of University College Dublin, qualifying in 1990 with a B.A. (Hons) Degree in Psychology and in 1991 with a Masters Degree in Social & Organisational Psychology.

She also holds a Diploma in Adult Education & Training from Dublin City University and a current ‘Train the Trainer’ certification (FETAC Level 6).

A member of the Psychological Society of Ireland (Occupational Division) she is very actively involved in her community, in particular with her local People’s Resource Centre.


Bespoke Training, Career Guidance, Psychometric Testing, Business Psychology, Programme Evaluation, Designing and delivering labour market interventions to address social inclusion, Inter Agency working.


Jill Colquhoun

Jill holds a BA (Honours) in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Leeds, UK and an MSc in Occupational Psychology from the University of Hull, UK.

Her main areas of activity lie in the design and delivery of cognitive behavioural change, career coaching and assessment,  psychometrics, leadership and management development programmes, effective workplace communications, team work and change management.

Jill has broad experience working in the public, not for profit and private sector in the UK, Ireland and other parts of Europe including Romania and Macedonia.

Nuala Whelan

Nuala is a Registered Work & Organisational Psychologist (Psychological Society of Ireland) with over 14 years experience in the field of employment services. She holds a BA (Honours) in Psychology from UCD and a MSc. in Industrial Psychology from the University of Hull, UK. Nuala’s experience lies in working with clients who are disadvantaged in the labour market, researching, designing and developing innovative methodologies and developing tools that assist clients in identifying and fulfilling their potential. Her interests lie in Career Management, Career Coaching, Identification of Potential, Psychometrics, Wellbeing, Team Development, Training, Evaluation using Social Return on Investment (SROI) methods, and Research.

Nuala has managed a number of National and European projects which have sought to develop strategies that are applicable across Europe and are in line with European Policy. They assist unemployed clients and those with various barriers to education, training and employment, to overcome their barriers, become more resilient and maintain positive wellbeing in the labour market.