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Workshop – Improve your job prospects. How to target jobs and market yourself to employers

How to get the job you want is the overall focus of our workshops.


Workshop One

Where to start.

What should you consider

How do you prepare

In this workshop you will learn how to identify the key skills sought after by employers and how to develop them.

Finding yourself in the job market for reasons outside of your control Specific emphasis is placed on CV development.  Learn what should and should not go into a CV, application forms and covering letter.  You will obtain knowledge of the different types of CVs including research CVs, application forms, covering letters, speculative letters.  You will learn job search techniques


Workshop:  How to sell yourself at interview

A Job Interview is all about ‘fit’. The employer wants to discover whether you have the skills, experience to succeed in the job while you want to determine whether the company is correct for you.  In this workshop you will learn how to succeed at interviews. Why employers interview.  What to expect at interviews. Different types of interview.  The preparation you need to do before during and after the interview. How to cope with difficult interview questions and how to answer them.  All would be customised to suit specific levels.

Awareness of the difference between first and second interview


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